Fintech as a Service

Enabling financial institutions to participate in the fintech revolution without the operational overhead.


Industry-leading identity verification and fraud prevention technologies.


Gives financial institutions full control to define loan products and adjudication rules.

Cost Effective

No up-front IT infrastructure investment costs. No lengthy development projects.

Fast to Market

Quickly configure your loan products. No development required.

Mobetize Delivers Fintech As A Service

The fintech industry is moving fast. Customers are migrating to companies that can deliver services online. Financial institutions need a partner that can quickly deliver financial services in a mobile environment with enough flexibility to accommodate existing and new products.
Mobetize enables financial institutions to participate in the fintech revolution with minimum time-to-market, and without the significant up-front investment associated with lengthy development projects. At the same time, Mobetize allows financial institutions to retain their existing financial products, risk management strategies and brand identities.

Fintech as a Service is the quickest, most affordable approach to enabling financial products and services on mobile devices

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