Future Fintech

Mobetize is uniquely positioned at the forefront of industries that are poised for disruption. Some of the exciting projects we are currently working on include:

Lending Tech

Traditional lending will be displaced by peer-to-peer lending platforms, as well as underwriter and lending platforms using machine learning technologies and algorithms to assess creditworthiness.


Companies here span key software or technology firms in the distributed ledger space, ranging from bitcoin wallets to security providers to sidechains.

Insurance Tech

Evaluating and creating new models of online carriers, brokerages and distributional platforms.

The Force Of Change Is Becoming Impossible To Ignore

Across the world, experts have recognized the potential of fintech--not only as a disruptor to big banks, but as an enabler for big banks to kick-start their own innovation along with converging banking with mobile operators.
The force of change is becoming impossible to ignore, with mobile-enabled consumers having more options than ever. The rising tide of millennials is demanding more personalized and convenient services. This is a big concern for banks, which recognize that trust with millennials is difficult to establish. The reality is this demographic seems more interested in advice from friends, family and their social networks than they are from corporate financial advisers.

Future fintech is a challenging but exciting time. Mobetize is the fintech marketplace that will lead the evolution of how financial services are distributed and consumed.

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