Mobetize smartLoan is the quickest and most cost-effective route for financial institutions to deploy digitized consumer lending.


The Mobetize smartLoan platform combines multiple identity verification technologies to keep out fraudsters and provide a seamless onboarding experience for genuine customers.

Mobile Optimized

The smartLoan platform is optimized for the mobile devices your new customers are using.


The smartLoan platform gives financial institutions full control to define loan products and adjudication rules.

SmartLoan Delivers Your Loan Products Online

The fintech industry is moving fast. Customers are migrating to companies that can deliver services online. The Mobetize smartLoan platform is the quickest way for financial institutions to deploy online consumer lending.
Mobetize uses industry-leading technologies to create an online identity verification process that can onboard customers with minimal user friction. The proprietary loan adjudication engine allows financial institutions to deliver their existing loans in an online platform, and gives them the flexibility to create and market-test new loan products. The reporting in the Mobetize platform enables financial institutions to instantly see where loan products are succeeding, and adjust products that are gaining less traction. All without additional software development or deployment.

smartLoan will enable financial institutions to participate in the fintech revolution without investing in IT infrastructure or long development projects. Mobetize brings Fintech as a Service (FaaS) to the marketplace.

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